Green Dress

The "Dress" project is a series of dresses I made from a medium weight 100% cotton fabric with a texture similar to untreated canvas. 
Before it is made into a dress, I color and paint on the fabric using multiple layers and textures and then the fabric undergoes a series of treatments and washings which render it soft and weathered. 
In the end it is cut and sewn into a dress which becomes a wearable painting. 

All of the dresses in this series are made from the same pattern I created for the original prototype, but they may vary in length or some other elements may be changed, added, or taken away.

Inspired by nature and the forest, "Green Dress" is the second dress of the series and the shape is exactly the same as the first "Gray Dress", only "Green Dress" is extra-extra long.

New dresses currently in progress. Handmade. Limited Edition.